Discovery/Disclosure Trauma Survey

The Association for Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists is seeking information on the traumatic impact of sex/porn addiction discovery on recovering partners and addicts. This survey is anonymous and brief and also assesses the impact of professionally guided therapeutic disclosure and/or polygraph for those who have experienced these procedures. There is a separate survey for spouses/partners and for addicts. The information from the survey will go to helping treatment professionals better understand the impact of discovery of sex addiction and to better serve their clients.

Taking this survey may bring up difficult memories or emotions. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and you can stop at any time. If you experience distress as a result of taking this survey, please contact your therapist or contact APSATS at 513-644-8023 for possible referrals for assistance.

Intimacy Anorexia-Intimacy Deprivation Survey

Thank you for your participation in this survey on the experience of emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy associated with sex/pornography addiction, chronic infidelity, and/or intimacy anorexia. The information will be used to help make professionals and recovering individuals more aware of intimacy issues that need to be addressed during recovery.

If you should feel any emotional distress as a result of answering these questions about your relationship experiences, you can find a list of therapists and coaches at, or

Professional Survey

For those who currently assist partners as professional therapists or coaches, please take our Professional Survey.

APSATS is seeking information regarding how therapists who assist partners define their specialty status and on how or if they received training to help partners. Your participation will help us better understand the need for specialized partner training and what gaps currently exist in the professional training of partner specialists. Thanks so much for your willingness to participate! Please contact us at 513-644-8023 if you have any questions.

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