No New Years Resolution!

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  • 06 Jan, 2017
By admin No New Year’s Resolution!,
Stephanie Wiesman, MS, LPC, NCC
It has become popular to refer to 2016 as one of the worst years in recent memory. And for a lot of us, it was very difficult. There were many high profile deaths of well-loved celebrities, politics that at times were indescribable, and just a general feeling of “What in the world will happen next?”
For those reasons, we all looked forward to 2017, and I even saw some memes about staying awake until midnight “to watch 2016 die.” But just like every other New Year, a lot of people made New Year’s resolutions. They may have been common – lose weight, drink more water, spend less time on social media – or they may have been more personal. This year, though, I did not make any resolutions. Instead, I chose a word that I wanted 2017 to embody.
I did this with the help of Susannah Conway. I had already started her Unravel 2017 Yearbook, and then I saw that she was offering a free 5-day course on finding your Word of 2017. Please go check out her site for those resources, they have been great for me already.
Over the years, I’ve started to think that New Year’s Resolutions can just be another way to feel like we aren’t enough – we aren’t doing good enough, whatever that might mean for us. And one of the most common causes of anxiety and depression can be that feeling of “not enough” – at least, that’s been my experience in my practice as well as at times in my own life.
My word for 2017 is DEVELOP. I want to develop my practice, and develop a more intentional and meaningful self-care routine. My goal for having a Word of the Year is something I can build toward, not something that I might not live up to. It’s intentionally vague – develop can mean anything I want it to or as much as I want it do. I hope to have this word embody most of what I do during the next 12 months.
I highly recommend Susannah’s work. It’s not too late to find your word for the year and set your intention to live it. Good luck, and Happy New Year!
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